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Those budding scientists

Whew.  If it’s January 1, this must be Minneapolis.  Cold Minneapolis.  But I’m still warmed by the thrilldom of meeting those young readers and scientists today.  Adrienne Clarke, marketing manager in the Chicago American Girl Place, said the line was LONG.  Really long.  I signed books for a Lainey and a Dakota.

I signed books for a family that had been in line since 5 a.m.  (Chicago was cold, too.)

I signed books for kids who told me they loved to read and met a girl who brought the book she’d written (with feather fairies) to show me.

I signed a book for the granddaughter of Barbara, the librarian who organized the author visit in Indonesia where I was last year when the editor got in touch and asked if I was interested in writing the books for the Doll of the Year (which led to the orangutans in the books…more on that later.

I signed books for so many kids who told me they love the outdoors or camping or science or BUGS.  One has a project with Monarch butterflies.  One has a grandma who runs a nature program.

After working so hard for so long on a book, it’s always thrilldom to know they will actually be read.

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  1. I wish I couls have been there! I have to get those books! All of the book stores in town shut down (except for one, but they don’t have a big childrens section) but I’m pretty sure Target will carry them. However I get them, I look forward to reading them!

    • I don’t know if American Girl has an agreement with Target but don’t forget good ol’ and as possibilities for anyone who doesn’t live near a bookstore. Sad about all the closings!


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