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Author Jane Kurtz

Welcome to my website!

Please look around, check out my books, visit my blog, and send along any questions you might have. I’d love to visit your school or library and to tell you about my new books and my work directing the Creative Team of Ready Set Go Books, a project of Open Hearts Big Dreams to create fun, colorful, local language books to open the world of reading for children (and others) in Ethiopia. Visit the contact page to get in touch. Thanks for coming.

Two new dinosaur books!

Dinosaur tracks and Jane Kurtz
Jane (blue shirt) and her sisters and mom at Dinosaur National Monument

When I was seven years old, my family visited Dinosaur National Monument, and I walked away with a shiny little Brontosaurus in my pocket—at a time when that name was in vogue and that tail-dragging shape was on sale in gift shops featuring dinosaurs.

One of the first picture books I ever tried was called Dinosaurs Don’t Cry, written while I watched my kids who were going through their own dinosaur phase. Decades later, I finally have two dinosaur picture books being published (and a third that I’m currently working on). They are nonfiction, intended to open new doors of wonder and curiosity to that delicious place where imagination meets science: the fascinating world where dinosaurs stomped and scurried and pooped and died, leaving behind clues that we are still discovering.

Karen Chin is hunting for treasure. But she’s not interested in gold or jewels…she’s interested in poo. Fossilized dinosaur poo!

The Clues Are in the Poo

The Bone Wars

Discover the true story of the race between two paleontologists to find the best dinosaur fossils in this fascinating, fast-paced nonfiction picture book. Who will win the Bone Wars?