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Who Wants Kids to Read About Poo?

My children–and later my grandchildren–went through their potty humor phases. I’m not claiming I didn’t roll my eyes and hope they quickly discovered another type of wit. But as our hearts all clench over pandemics and climate change, I’ve moved into a different camp. Now I think it’s great to use what kids find funny and compelling to move us all into a better understanding of science and the scientific process. 

What Do They Do with all that Poo?I’m delighted to talk about poop in my author visits now. Bring on the giggles! Let’s laugh together–and then look at the ways humans have done and are doing a good job with a stinky challenge that can’t be ignored.

One of these books can probably be called a classic. The newer ones are full of fascinating facts for any STEM household or classroom. 

This holiday season, strike up the conversations about how we know what we know and all the ways to inspire curiosity, inquiry, and exploration in our lives.

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