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Back Yards, Ethiopia and Children's Books

Ethiopia in Black History Month

There’s only one problem in trying to take a quick peek at Ethiopian history. 

It’s long and complicated! Ethiopia has its own calendar, its own alphabets,  its different regions and kingdoms that gradually became one modern country.

Some of the earliest agriculture happened in Ethiopia. Some of the first ways of writing music began with St. Yared who, according to an ancient painting, so entranced a king with his playing that neither man noticed an accidental poke from a spear.

Ethiopia has ancient castles and walled cities and crowns. It has stories of history-shaping people–some written and some passed down orally–to go with all the intriguing places.

Want to start with less ancient history? Explore some Ethiopians in more recent times that have made history, including famous runners.

What fascinates you about the past? Start reading and see what you can discover–including the look of some of Ethiopia’s many languages. You’ll be amazed and delighted!

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