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Back Yards, Ethiopia and Children's Books

How to change the world one butterfly at a time

I never would have gotten the idea to try to create Ready Set Go Books if educators like Carol Settgast hadn’t volunteered their time to go to Ethiopia. She created one of the first books with her students, too. It’s now available in six different languages: 

Carol knows about changing the world through books. Last year, she worked with students and teachers in Kansas to learn about painted lady butterflies.

Fifth grade research   

Once they learned, they shared.


Impressed as I was with monarch butterflies while I was writing my American Girl Lanie books, I got even more besotted with these butterflies. 

Imagine a tiny insect that makes stops in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East on its journey. 

Imagine flying over the pyramids of Egypt and the Sahara desert, riding wind currents, determined to survive.

  Imagine being one of the gardeners who plants the flowers that provide its food and shelter.

Imagine helping create a book that tells the butterfly’s story–to the children in Ethiopia and all over the world who can help these insects survive.

You can read it. You can share the story of these butterflies. Thankfully, The Entomological Society of America has also given a Chrysalis Award to help Open Hearts Big Dreams print copies of this book in Ethiopia.

We can change the world one book, one illustration, one share, one butterfly at a time.



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