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Saving one animal at a time

Sketch by O.C. Marsh of one of his dinosaur finds  It’s a little bit dangerous to read about other Earth times. You can’t ignore the fact that so many other beings have enjoyed this planet for a while, only to disappear. Stegosaurus–named and described for the first time by O.C. Marsh–went extinct 66 million years before Tyrannosaurus started stomping around.


What do humans have to do to preserve a place of life for themselves and the amazing birds and insects and other animals we’ve been lucky enough to share our Earth time with?

How about if we start by learning more? Butterflies probably shared the Earth with the dinosaurs. So did ants. So did lots of creatures people often call dinosaurs. The ancestors of crocodiles might have appeared before the first dinosaurs. 

  Dinosaurs hatched from eggs. Chickens are related to dinosaurs. Some people even call them modern dinosaurs.

  Some of the animals I’ve written about may not be on this Earth too much longer. My dream is that we will admire them and visit them and save them wherever they show up in our neighborhoods. And…

read about them!

Reading opens our minds and our eyes and our hearts.

Jane reading to Noh

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