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Starting the new year with gratitude

One of the moms at the store yesterday said, “Thanks for doing this on a day when most people want to be with their families.” What a sweetie to know that.  And the airport was crammed and the peace-and-quiet Worldclub closed early for New Year’s Day and most eating places, too, so I munched on American Girl chocolate covered pretzels.

But I’m determined to start the new year with gratitude so…

1.  mandarin and mint soap in the shower here at the Minneapolis hotel.

2.  Starbucks oatmeal waiting.

3.  All the warm store personnel who spent their New Year’s Day waiting on thousands of customers.  When I thanked her, one said, “Hey!  I’m so glad to have a job.”

4.  Author friends I connect with on email and via phone who know just what it’s like.

5.  Those American Girl chocolate covered pretzels.

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