The Power of One Writer
Back Yards, Ethiopia and Children's Books

It’s fall and that means time to write!

It’s fall! Most of my apples have brown fuzzy centers (since I don’t use any pesticides in my yard) and then every once in a while I cut open one that is beautiful.  Yesterday, traveling birds also stopped by the yard to feast on elderberries. The world is bursting with good

And then there are the wildfires. And the floods. And the long, hard slog of cleaning up after disaster up-ends everything. Whew do I know that story (and the urge to tell the stories of our disasters that is so powerful and often healing).


The scary and the hard and the beautiful all squashed together…I think…is part of what compels us humans to make art.

We also feel compelled to find the small things we can do to keep despair and darkness at bay. For me right now, that’s the work I do in my yard and with Ready Set Go books. Flinging those stranded starfish off the beach one starfish at a time.


#pollinationrocks (created at two library programs for PLANET JUPITER here in Portland)

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