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Want this to be the year/decade/lifetime of the girl?

Me too!

When I write or edit stories, I’m always looking for ways to help girls see themselves as the powerful beings they are. We’ve done that in many different ways with the bilingual Ready Set Go Books. Take this bestselling title!

Amharic English Bilingual
Bilingual Ready Set Go Book

On the day the following photo was taken, I was brainstorming with a former Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA student and now friend, Suma Subramaniam. We challenged each other to try writing a gingerbread man story with rolling bread (injera for me, one of the breads from India for her).

When it came time to think of how the saucy injera was going to be bested, I decided a girl would be the clever one–and I had fun thinking of her retort. “You roll zip-zip faster than a train. But you are made of grain. You have no brain.”

Challenge yourself or your students to try writing a version of the old story (or another one). How can you put a girl in the starring role? It’s good writing practice and fun, too.

Add The Runaway Injera to your own collection here:


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