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The power of words that traveled to Japan

To my astonishment and delight, one of the schools I visited in Tokyo had a check prepared for Ethiopia Reads.  Here’s how it happened.  The librarian came upon the article in Good Housekeeping a couple of years ago and read it to her students at Seishen International School.  A girl decided she couldn’t imagine a world without books.  She started saving her yen.  A few friends helped.  Kids making a difference…wowee.

Surprises in Japan:

–driving on the right;

–heated floors and toilet seats;

–lots of pointing and laughing and trying because almost everything was in Japanese.

–Lanie travels well.

Some of the girls I met pronounced her name differently than I do…but they liked her science interests and they know a lot about the need to do our part for animals, even bugs.

It was a thrill to pick up the inflight magazine on the way home and see Lanie’s hero, Jane Goodall, on the cover.

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