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The power of so many Lanies

To my great good luck, Nancy Werlin, one of my author friends, chanced to meet the dad of the girl who was the model for Lanie in my books…and–isn’t this a kick?–she’s a lot like Lanie.  Her dad shared some pictures, including ones where she’s doing her thing for bird sustenance.

Awwwww.  I love it.  My efforts to save birds were always doomed.  One time when I was in college, I was mowing a lawn and found a fallen nest and stayed up all night trying to save those baby robins.  Alas.  No.

I don’t have the details figured out yet, but we’re dreaming about a signing this summer that will include me, Lanie-model, and the artist who created the illustrations that are so fun to share with kids.

Another Lanie has popped into my life, too.  This one saves orangutans just like Dakota, the best friend I invented for Lanie after my visit to an Indonesian school where the kids save orangutans.  Go see the orangutans at

 After my Dallas signings Sunday and Monday, I’ll be flying to the Philippines where, among other things, I’ll get to re-connect with the librarian who organized my visit.  Of course I’m taking books for him to take back to that school! 

I’m glad to be in the world with so many starfish throwers.

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