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Jayhawk signing rah rah rah

Jane Kurtz-American Girl Event-8.5×11- FA10[1]


*Book signing

*Special activities

…says the flyer from the KU Bookstore about a Lanie event I was asked to do on Saturday.

10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Jayhawk Ink

Kansas Union

Level two

Saturday, Nov. 13




My grand kids liked to sing a Jayhawk song from the time they were two years old–and it was fun taking them to women’s basketball games at KU.  More related to Lanie, though, Chip Taylor from Monarch Watch is a Jayhawk and that’s the main reason this feels extra fitting…extra fun.  He’s one of my heroes.

Hope Jayhawks don’t eat monarch butterflies.

Hope Monarch Watch gets stronger and stronger every year.

Hope the winged airplane flies me safely from Oklahoma home to Kansas without a glitch.

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