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Home means picture uploads

Talking about the “walking the bunny” scene

In Minneapolis, the American Girl store is smack in the middle of a carnival aka the Nickelodeon area at the Mall of America.  Girls and those who love them were invited to have lunch with the author.  I talked–for the first time–about some of the inspirations for Lanie’s story…and they sent me home with this nice picture.

The carnival outside.

And the sweetness inside.

4 thoughts on “Home means picture uploads”

  1. Sounds like fun, even of you are glad to be home. I always am after a trip.

    If you don’t mind, what did you say about the walking the bunny scene?

    • I think at that point I was answering a question about illustrations, explaining that in the publishing world where I roam, authors don’t get to have much (if anything) to say about illustrations, but that I really get a kick out of seeing the picture someone makes from my words and that the scene where Lanie is walking the bunny was one of my favorites. Over the next few days, I’ll start blogging about how some of the pieces, including the bunny, came to be!


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