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Back Yards, Ethiopia and Children's Books

Books, life, and waking up to every little detail

???????????????????????????????Isn’t it fascinating how books and life weave together sometimes?  Over spring break, I visited a museum that had an exhibit about things recovered from an old, old shipwreck.  Including…a rat skeleton!

coverWhat a perfect introduction to the next spring break stop, which included reading Adventures of a South Pole Pig to the two most fun little listeners in the world.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading it yet, let me give you a preview of coming attractions:  Flora ends up on a ship.  And the ship has…rats.  And Flora has to figure out what to do about them.  Those rats seem really, really real even if the story of Flora is clearly part of someone’s imagination.  And I couldn’t love MORE the experience of reading aloud and the experience of finding real emotions, real geography, real history in a book.

DSC03780I didn’t grow up anywhere near the ocean.  I didn’t even know about birds like pelicans when I was a kid even though they do live in Ethiopia.  But I did play in the water of Washa Wuha and later Lake Langano.  Kind of like the ocean, right?



Back to Portland now but, hey…Water.  Sand.  Sunsets.  Read alouds.  Kids.  Wowee.



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