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Water Hole FAQ

Jane and Christopher were working on Water Hole Waiting when Jane visited Kenya in 2000. She wanted to see a water hole. These are her brief comments about that trip to the water hole.

In the spring of 2000, my daughter, Rebekah, was living in Kenya and going to school, so the two of us took a trip to Tree Tops, a famous water hole in Kenya where Queen Elizabeth was staying when she got the news that her father had died and she was the new queen of England.

The lodge is still built around a tree but it’s bigger than when Queen Elizabeth was there.

Guests can’t go outside. They stay inside and watch the animals from their rooms or from special viewing rooms. Just as I remembered, the animals seemed to take turns–elephants wandering off, water buffalo arriving. In the middle of the night, a buzzer rang in our room to tell us that a rhino was at the water hole in case we wanted to take a look.

In 2001, my family visited Kenya again. These vervet monkeys were scampering around the hotel where we stayed at Mombassa.

Later, my son and daughter visited a game park near Nairobi and took these pictures of vervet monkeys.